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Welcome to ICAN Future Star Ltd! We are making it easy for students who want to study abroad. We are the bridge between Students all over the world and their dream universities.

Student recruitment for universities

Application assistance for students

Mobile app and web services

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The story of ICAN Future Star

  • ICAN creation

    Jun '14

    The company was born

  • ICAN Sirius Award

    2014 -2015

    Dr Olivia Feng was awarded an Enterprise Fellowship at the Royal Society of Edinburgh and joined the UKTI Sirius program.

  • HelloUofG launch

    Dec ’15 - May ‘16

    Signed a two year contract with the University of Glasgow to develop and launch HelloUofG. Available on Android and iOS.

  • ICAN Scottish Enterprise Award

    May ‘16

    Awarded the £100k SMART Feasibility Grant from Scottish Enterprise.

  • HelloUofG launch

    Sept ’16 - Jan ‘17

    Signed a one year contract with Coventry University to develop and launch HelloCoventry. Available on Android and iOS.

  • Present:
    Phase two

The Team Behind ICAN Future Star

We believe a happy team makes a successful company.

Olivia Feng

Dr Olivia Feng

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Yunjia Li

Dr Yunjia Li

Chief Operating Officer

Our advisors

Peter Budd

Peter Budd

Sales and fundraising

Nicola Parry

Nicola Parry

UK sales and marketing



Product development and UX