“I have been working with HelloUni team for the past few months and have gotten to know the team and the product pretty well. The team is very pleasant to work with and they are very responsive to our feedback and requirements, and being able to adjust the product development accordingly. Despite being a start-up, the team has a very rapid product development and is able to meet project milestones. We found the product to be the ‘first in the market’ and no other equivalent mobile solutions at this moment. In particularly, the founders of HelloUni were international students themselves and they bring unique insights about the behaviour and preferences of the international applicants into the design of the product.

The product, HelloUni, is a cross-platform mobile solution that helps universities engage and communicate with prospective applicants, which is in line with our current ‘ask a student’ programme and ‘student ambassador scheme’. At the University of Glasgow, we are endeavoring to expand and mobilise the ‘global ambassadors’ network’ to a new level and so as to match the preferences of the mobile-device generation of young applicants. We believe that HelloUni app would work well on domestic and international applicants in terms of increasing engagement and communications, consequently, more applications and better conversion rates. We are excited to see the product working in action and looking forward to be working with the HelloUni team on a long term basis.”

Alan Monteith- Senior Recruitment Marketing Officer

The University of Glasgow 


“The ‘HelloUni’ App launch was held at the Welcoming Association’s office and training centre in central Edinburgh. and was a great success in attracting over 60 people.

The event brought together a wide range of the Welcoming’s migrant participants with invited specialist education practitioners and lecturers, from colleges and universities across Scotland.

They came together to discuss ways and solutions to improving access to further and higher education courses to enhance the employability and economic contribution of migrant professionals in a wide range of employment.

All the Welcoming staff team and the organisation’s migrant participants, that assisted in the delivery, and also took part in the launch, stated that it was a very well-organised, informative, useful and interesting event that provided achievable solutions to their needs and requirements in accessing further and higher education courses.”

Jon Busby – Project Director of the Welcoming Association.

The Welcoming Association, www.thewelcoming.org


“A few months ago, we were approached by the HelloUni team with the idea of developing an app for The Welcoming and we immediately agreed to it, clueless as to what to expect. The HelloUni team build our app very quickly and answered patiently to all our ignorant questions. They are always very considerate of our needs and the needs of our students and Welcoming app users, and designed the app in order to satisfy those needs. With it, our students have our up-to-date timetable always on hand and can check in and see who else is going to the class that day, or use our Newcomers Checklist to better prepare for their new life in Scotland. I especially like the Sticky Post feature, that HelloUni team developed for us in no time, and which gives the opportunity to customise the app to include all our one-off events & workshops without distracting the entire timetable. It feels amazing to ask for an app feature and have it realised so quickly by the developers!”

 Christina Rizou – Admin Officer

The Welcoming Association, www.thewelcoming.org




“I really like the virtual campus tour as I was googling the campus of the university before I came, it would be nice to gain familiarity to the campus on my mobile.”- Diana (MSc in Marketing, 2014)

“I talked to the alumni of my course prior to applying to it, by talking to people who have been through similar  experience helped me to confirm that coming to study a MBA is a good choice for me” -Dheeraj (MBA graduate, 2014)

“I like the fact that its a mobile app, as I do spent more time now on mobile phones than laptop. I would like to check the university information and receive notifications of updates of my enquiries on the go” – Wen Z (Msc in Accountancy and Finance, 2015)