Being an intern at HELLOUNI

My background

I’m a French student who grew up in Tunisia and started university in France. I studied mainly embedded systems in Grenoble, including networks, automatic, participated in some robotic challenges and did an intership in the French national research center. The┬áInternship related to neuro-transistors and electronic prototype. I followed with a year in biomedical in Marseille, but I stopped as it didn’t fit me. Finally, I’m studying computer and electronic systems in the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, where I decided to do a summer internship, and HelloUni took me as a Data Collection intern.

My experience so far at HelloUni

I always wanted to work in a start-up for the different challenges I would have to face, and to become more independent in my work. So far, HelloUni offers me with all those aspects. I started as a data scraper, but once we had enough information I had to make a simulation with the data, using JavaScript and node.js so it could run on the server. Language that I learnt at the same time as I was working since, I never learnt it before. Then we needed to build mock-ups for the app, it will have to be able to run the previous simulation. Therefore, I switched to a work front-end oriented using Ionic to do so. And now that all those things are done, I’ve gone back to data scraping, but this time building the company own data scraping technology, and not a third party software.

So far it is really an amazing experience, and in my next post, I’m going to talk about some of the new things I would have learnt, and what it’s like to work at HelloUni.