hellouni is an innovative mobile app founded by students for students making study abroad easier. We see ourselves as the dating app of universities helping international and domestic students meet their dream universities, courses and scholarships on their mobile phones.

There is no doubt that this has been the decade of dating apps with over a billion matches created on Tinder and global market demand for the app to be available in 30 languages. At hellouni we are ready and waiting to find the perfect match for the five million students who study abroad worldwide every year.

A quick scan of the App Store puts Tinder at no. 68 in the paid app chart, next to international heavy weights such as Outlook, BBC iPlayer, Groupon and Gumtree. The hellouni app offers a communication tool, showcases university content, and helps students access discounts from trusted partners – combining small elements of all three of these well known student essentials, it won’t be long before hellouni is the first item on every student’s checklist.

Going back to Tinder, what is even more impressive is their no.1 spot on the top grossing chart, which is dominated by dating apps, Match.com at 18, Badoo at 19, Plenty of Fish at 21 and Zoosk at 29. Typically we see paid, subscription based apps like Spotify and Netflix dominate these charts given that they generate money from advertising in addition to their service charge, but that is why it’s so impressive to see a free app like Tinder, generating money only through advertising and premium versions of the app. Our app hellouni is 100% free to use – the app is made for students but anyone can access it whether they are a parent, work in education or are from the press.

Additionally, Spotify and Netflix are products designed for ongoing use, over a user’s lifetime. Tinder competes, and wins, with a value proposition that lasts only a short time and renders the app defunct once it serves it purpose, finding your match. Our hellouni app is somewhere in the middle – although it can serve its purpose, helping students find the right course in minutes with our smart course recommendation feature, it can also serve as a valuable research tool to manually search for courses in detail over time, a year or two in advance of making your application for those of us who like to be prepared!  Post application, the app is still a handy portal to connect with other students and trusted student services and communities which are an essential part of the application process, like paying your fees, planning your trip and booking accommodation. Finding these partners through the hellouni app means you know you can trust them, and you will be able to see reviews from other students who have gone through the same experience as you.

hellouni create customised software solutions for students and universities, our leading product is a first in the market mobile app to simplify the complex university application process for international and domestic students. We see it as the Match.com of universities, helping students find their dream institution and get the most out of their study abroad experience. Like Match.com, we use user data and machine learning algorithms to calculate the best possible match for the individual user. Like Match.com our user friendly and streamlined design means that you can use the app with ease, on the move, with minimal time input. Like Match.com, you might be happy with your first match and your undergraduate degree, or you want to keep using the solution a second and third time for your postgrad!

Most importantly, like Match.com, we help students connect with the university community online, so they can have a great relationship offline, helping ambitious young people get the most out of their university experience.

“I’m very proud hellouni is launching our own consumer facing app – the Match.com for international applicants and their dream universities. This product has received funding and support from various of organisations such as UKTI, Scottish Enterprise, SMART R&D funding, the University of Glasgow and Coventry University. The ambition of the platform is to be the one stop shop for application needs when studying abroad including university and course search, help with applications as well post-application life style support. The launch of the B2C app truly shows the vision of hellouni is to make studying abroad easier and more rewarding for 5 million internationally mobile students.”

Dr Olivia Feng, Founder & CEO ICAN Future Star

Available May 2017, the hellouni app will support prospective applicants worldwide to have an easier and more personalised application journey.

The app is developed by ICAN Future Star Ltd, an education technology company based in Glasgow.  A young but ambitious tech company aims to disrupt the current international recruitment market by developing innovative mobile solutions to empower both universities and applicants worldwide.

The app is available now to download, just search hellouni, don’t forget to leave some feedback for our team with a comment in your app store! https://www.facebook.com/hellouniapp

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