How Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit Students and Universities


HelloUni makes study abroad easier through a bespoke mobile solution fostering emotional connections. Our HelloUni solution for students is a personal application assistant helping students throughout the application journey from searching and accessing recommendations to connecting with the student community. Our HelloUni solution for universities is an innovative recruitment and marketing tool to increase conversion rates. Digital transformation and how to achieve it is a hot topic with universities worldwide. Optimising manual administration creates more time to spend on face to face interaction, offline marketing and overall strategy.


B2C – Personal Application Assistant for Students



Before AI: Lengthy research process, difficulty to ascertain best possible fit, overwhelming range of courses and institutions and unmoderated internet content

After AI: Mobile prospectus for on-the-go use with intelligent university/course recommendations based on multivariate equation considering multiple parameters eg. country of origin, gender, age, QS solutions rankings/reports, cultural priorities, IELTS, budget, campus lifestyle, personality, career progression



Before AI: Lack of transparency in student-agent communication

After AI: Students have confidence in their own decisions and make direct applications



Before AI: Advertising not trusted by prospective applicants, high marketing costs

After AI: Accessible peer to peer review and trusted university brand ambassadors



Before AI: Generalised scholarship directory and mass mailing promotion

After AI: Targeted scholarships based on data capture to display only eligible funding



Before AI: Missed deadlines and last minute changes

After AI: Smart calendar autoscheduling key dates in application journey sending auto generated push notifications


B2B – Optimising Recruitment and Marketing for Universities



Before AI: Manual screening by university staff to assess applicant suitability, time consuming, admin heavy and potential for human error, bias or duplication

After AI: AI powered applicant engagement and data capture for enhanced screening process



Before AI: Manual engagement with 30% of prospective student email enquiries to UK universities unanswered

After AI: AI enhanced engagement, automated process that directs queries to appropriate member of staff



Before AI After a student accepts an offer time passes and communication drops until start date, in this time there are often drop-outs

After AI: AI can be used to identify which applicants are more likely to drop out based on communication history and prompt re engagement, reduce likelihood of losing student to competing institution



Before AI: Time consuming scheduling of appointments managed manually by dedicated staff member

After AI: AI schedules meetings without human input, maximise workflow and increase conversion time


By Christina Boididou, Machine Learning Engineer & Ella Louise Finn, Business Development