The theme of this year’s Going Global Conference is ‘Global cities: connecting talent, driving change’. I wanted to share with you some of our favourite global cities at HelloUni and their efforts to connect talent and drive innovative change.

London, UK

A hub of transnational education

No. of Universities:  40

Population: 8.6M

Student Population: 400,000


Glasgow, UK

Our HQ and where hellouni was founded

No. of Universities: 3

Population: 603,080

Student Population: 67,000


Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Hellouni is now on the ground in China with our Shenzen office

No. of Universities: 13

Population: 21M

Student Population: 90,000


We polled our international student community of 40,000 students around the world on the 2 key themes of Going Global:

To what degree does location affect a prospective applicant’s choice of university?

Are megacities posing challenges for Higher Education institutions?


Check out their feedback below:



Going Global is an exceptional opportunity for hellouni to connect with colleagues in Higher Education and share all the progress we are making. We hope you found the event as interesting as we did!

See you next May in Kuala Lumpur for Going Global 2018!