Going Global 2017

The theme of this year’s Going Global Conference is ‘Global cities: connecting talent, driving change’. I wanted to share with you some of our favourite global cities at HelloUni and their efforts to connect talent and drive innovative change.

London, UK

A hub of transnational education

No. of Universities:  40

Population: 8.6M

Student Population: 400,000


Glasgow, UK

Our HQ and where hellouni was founded

No. of Universities: 3

Population: 603,080

Student Population: 67,000


Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Hellouni is now on the ground in China with our Shenzen office

No. of Universities: 13

Population: 21M

Student Population: 90,000


We polled our international student community of 40,000 students around the world on the 2 key themes of Going Global:

To what degree does location affect a prospective applicant’s choice of university?

Are megacities posing challenges for Higher Education institutions?


Check out their feedback below:



Going Global is an exceptional opportunity for hellouni to connect with colleagues in Higher Education and share all the progress we are making. We hope you found the event as interesting as we did!

See you next May in Kuala Lumpur for Going Global 2018!


Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away

Sometimes it’s hard to decide between the ease of studying while living at home vs the freedom of studying somewhere else. As a person who has studied both at home (in Glasgow) and away (in London), I’m here to tell you a few of the pros and cons of each.




Home – It goes without saying a home cooked food is amazing! Being at home means you can spend more time on other stuff like studying and going out rather than having to worry about food shopping and cooking.

Away – On the other side, living away from home means you get to decide to eat what you want when you want. You can also improve your cooking skills and have a lot of fun discovering new favorite recipes.

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away



Home – “Where are you going?” “What time are you back?” “You need to be up tomorrow for lectures”. Sometimes living at home means question time every time you even mention that you’re thinking of going out. A morning-after cup of tea in bed can make up for this though!

Away – Living away from home = flat parties. After a while, however, the novelty will wear off and you will get sick of the cleaning up. The flat always looks messier the morning after!

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away



Home – You really do take for granted everything that is done for you before you move out. You might moan about having to clean your room/hoover every so often but as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone”.

Away – Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom…The number of rooms that you have to clean significantly increases and as does your time spent on cleaning. This can seem like quite a task, but cleaning with the help of a flatmate can be fun and you can have a flat you can be proud of showing your parents/friends when they come to visit!

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away



Home – At home, you have an extra alarm clock in the form of a parent. If you say you’re going to get up for that lecture, there is no hope of you changing your mind and sleeping in instead.

Away – How did you accidentally turn off the alarm again?! Relying only on yourself to get up for morning lectures, get places on time and leaving enough time in the day for chores and cooking can be a bit of an adjustment.

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away


Moreover, if you want to ask more questions about studying abroad, do not hesitate and join Hellouni community! Register on our website and get in contact with ambassadors from various universities around the world.

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Top Five Underrated Cities for Students in the UK

Top Five Underrated Cities for Students in the UK

Everyone is familiar with the UK’s capital city. Moreover, everyone knows London for iconic Big Ben, red telephone boxes and black cabs. Nevertheless, the city is also a hub of entertainment and live music. In addition, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Manchester are amongst other popular tourist and student destinations. However, Britain has sixty-two cities which is a large number for the size of the country. Some of these underrated cities for students provide a great living experience.



This city in West Yorkshire, England, has consistently been named as one of the top five most livable cities in the UK. Nevertheless, it is an ascetically pleasing place with classic architecture and scenic gardens and views not far from the center. Therefore, if you decide to study there, make sure you do not forget to see the stunning places to visit. These include Gledhow Valley Lake, Woodhouse Ridge woodlands, and Roundhay Park. Surprisingly, this park is actually one of the biggest parks in Europe.



Aberdeen is a thriving student city in the north of Scotland. Moreover, Aberdeen is also home to the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University. The ‘granite city’ resides by the sea, and really does provide the best of both worlds in terms of city living and rural areas. The beach is beautiful on a summer day and Dunnottar Castle and Seaton Park are other notable close getaways. In addition, some of the best student pubs include Siberia and Campus, and Underground, Nox and Institute. If all this was not enough, Aberdeen’s proximity to the highlands can make all your Scottish Highlands dreams come true.



In North East England lies York, a city founded by the ancient Romans. From its Gothic Cathedral to museums and restaurants, there is no shortage of things to see and do.  Nevertheless, York offers beauty and culture with which few cities can compare. It is only two hours north of London which means it will not break the bank to take a day trip to the big city.



The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, is sometimes put aside in favor of Dublin which is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Belfast is home to the well known Queen’s University Belfast among others. Nevertheless, the arts and entertainment are prominent in Belfast. Therefore, there is always somewhere to have fun after a long study session. The beauty of Ireland can easily be explored with city center of Belfast as a base.



The last and probably most surprising on this list is Bristol in South West England. Furthermore, a city is Home to the University of Bristol, UWE Bristol, and City of Bristol College. In addition, Bristol is the perfect place for the creative, with street art and festivals in abundance. Perhaps more low-key and slower paced than some of the other cities on this list, the city has many independent coffee shops and bakeries as well as parks and open spaces. Visit the beautiful Clifton Suspension Bridge, Cabot Tower, and the waterfront.



Moreover, if you want to ask more questions about studying abroad, do not hesitate and join Hellouni community! Register on our website and get in contact with ambassadors from various universities around the world.

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Why You Should Study Abroad in England

Why You Should Study Abroad in England

Each year, hundreds of thousands of international students choose to make England their newfound home.Therefore, making it one of the highest intake countries of international students per year. There’s a huge variety of reasons for England’s popularity. Some are academic and some are more, well, entertainment-based. Hence, let’s look at why you should study abroad in England.



If you don’t fancy having to learn a new language, then having your prospective overseas country be the birthplace of the English language is a huge relief. It saves you time, moolah and a whole lot of grey hairs. Although, you might have to re-watch some of the Sherlock episodes to get a handle on popular English lingo… otherwise, you might be caught out wondering what a ‘damp squib’ is.



Big Ben, Blackpool Illuminations, Hyde Park, the Roman Baths, Stonehenge, the Peak District, the Lake District, the White Cliffs of Dover… England has heaps of jaw-dropping sights that are just dying to be ticked off your bucket list.



England is right next to Ireland, Scotland and Wales, making it the perfect place to study at if you want to explore the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it’s a stone’s throw from mainland Europe – which, as we all know, is the travelers galore.



Temperatures average at about 19°C during England’s hottest month of the year, July, and dip down to an average of 5°C in its coldest month, February. Don’t get us wrong, those are some cold temperatures – but it’s not the wear-ten-pairs-of-socks kind of cold. Plus, the small variance in temperatures between the seasons ensures the transition from summer to winter (and back again) isn’t too much of an unsettling experience.



England is an open-minded country where multiculturalism is celebrated, same-sex marriage is legal and the police are trusted and reliable. It doesn’t even have any wildlife that poses a threat to humans – the most dangerous creature there is the humble bumblebee!



To cater to such a large student population, England has established a vast student discount system. Pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, transportation companies, and retail stores offer discounts to anyone wielding a student card. On top of that, students of English universities can sign up for MORE free discounts with membership cards from the National Union of Students (NUS) or UNIdays.


Everyone knows that England is home to some of the most progressive and innovative universities in the world – universities like Cambridge, Oxford or St Andrews. Studying at a university with an international reputation such as these looks great on paper, and can even open the door to enriching connections, internships or jobs in the future.



Architecture students have the University of Bath. Law students have the University of Cambridge. English Literature students have… well, there are few countries in the world with as diverse a literature past as England. This point is – studying at a university that’s at the leading specialist in your field of study not only looks fantastic on your resume, but also drives you to develop and succeed.



At Birmingham City, you can gain a degree in Horology – the study of time and making of clocks. Students of Bath Spa can study Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance. It’s even possible to undertake a Baking Technology Management degree at London South Bank University. This is on top of England’s numerous other more normal degrees, proving that there’s a degree to suit everyone.



Most of the teaching staff at English universities are experts in their academic subjects. This is because England emphasizes the need for high-quality education. The benefit of this is that you’re able to learn from people who have real-world experience in your profession. In addition, it also allows you to make important real-world connections.



There are multiple universities in England which provide scholarships, grants and bursaries that are specific to international students. Plus, thousands of international students receive financial aid from the English government per year. That’s a lot of “free” money on offer.


Moreover, if you want to ask more questions about studying abroad, do not hesitate and join Hellouni community! Register on our website and get in contact with ambassadors from various universities around the world.

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