Are you planning to choose the USA as you study abroad destination? If so, make sure to check these top 5 best student cities in the USA!


     best student cities in the USA

The home of Harvard, Boston has several other internationally famous universities. For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Boston University. Some call Boston as the ‘unofficial student capital of the US’. Moreover, it has about twenty percent of international students. In Boston, a great education comes alongside an amazing US college experience. People are also aware of Boston because of its arts and culture as well as sports. In spring and early autumn, students can easily day trip to the beautiful beaches in Cape Cod and Newport, Rhode Island. Nevertheless, Boston has been ranked the second safest large city in America, making it a perfect choice for students.



best student cities in the USA 

If you are keen on politics and history, where better to study than the birthplace of American democracy? Philadelphia presents the opportunity to study while being inspired by American history and culture. In addition, the sport is big in Philadelphia, especially at universities. Moreover, the city is known for its good food. Reading Terminal Market offers every type of food you could want under one roof and is a great place to hang out with friends at the weekend. You also have to make sure you try the well known Philly cheesesteak at least once. ‘The city of brotherly love’ is the location of the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, as well as Drexel and Temple universities. Nevertheless, its place between New York and Washington DC makes it a great base for visiting other cities in the North East.


Washington DC

 best student cities in the USA

Speaking of American history, Washington DC is another ideal city for students. With well-known universities such as George Washington and Georgetown, students can study in the US capital and heart of politics. The University of the Potomac is only three minutes from the White House. Surprisingly, most attractions in DC are free, making it easy to visit the Senate and House of Representatives whenever you want. To top it all off, DC offers unique internship opportunities that would not be found elsewhere. Here, you could secure yourself an internship with a government agency or international business. The idea of interning at the US Department of State definitely makes Washington DC seem like a great place to be a student.



 best student cities in the USA

Locals are loving Seattle because of the impressive music scene and the market with stalls and street entertainers. Seattle University and the University of Washington are two out of eleven colleges and universities, making Seattle a vibrant student city.  Nevertheless, while studying here, go to the top of one of the most recognizable structures in the world such as the Space Needle. Moreover, if you stay after the semester into June make sure to enjoy the Seattle International Film Festival. In addition, Seattle also boasts the headquarters of large companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, so it is another city with promising internship opportunities.


New York

 best student cities in the USA

Is it even possible to make this list without including the Big Apple? New York really does have it all. As a financial centre, it is a great place for business and finance students in particular. Moreover, universities such as Columbia, New York University (NYU), Fordham University, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), mean that anyone can get a brilliant education in NYC. The city is the perfect place for shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Studying in the New York where there is the opportunity to see Broadway shows seems like a dream. However, many people are admitting that New York is expensive, especially rent. On the other hand,  living on campus can reduce some of these costs significantly. If you budget right, studying in NYC can be the experience of a lifetime.



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