While university reputation and position in rankings are important, there are so many other factors to consider when looking for the university. Thus, Hellouni found 5 things besides academic that YOU need to consider while choosing a university.


City or Small Town Living

Do you love the hustle and bustle of big cities or do you find them overwhelming? If you love city living, then you may wish to opt for a university that is spread out throughout a city. Alternatively, you may prefer a campus university nearby to a city or in a town. Going to university in a city provides a magnitude of restaurants, nightclubs, shop, and events. However, small towns often have a community feel and can be a more relaxed environment. It all depends on your preferences, so make sure you choose somewhere that suits your preferred lifestyle.

What Consider When Choosing a University


Sports Clubs and Societies

 Most universities have many sports clubs and societies to take part in, but some will be offer activities that others do not. For example, if you are very sporty, some universities will have national champion sports teams. Whereas others may offer fewer types of sports. If you are involved in a particular activity or have one in mind that you want to start, have a look at university websites. Here, you will be able to to see if they offer the chance to join it. In Scotland, both Edinburgh and Glasgow University have a Harry Potter Society; something that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. It is important to balance the importance you place on clubs and societies with the courses and academics. However, if there is something, in particular, you are looking for, you should be able to find a university that offers it alongside meeting your academic requirements.

What Consider When Choosing a University


The Importance of the Place

The country and city you choose to study in is arguably as important as the course you are studying. If you are studying abroad for your entire university experience, you will spend four or three years in the place you choose. Therefore, it is important that you like it. Obviously, if you are studying abroad, you are placing importance on location. However, you should fully research the places you are considering. What do you care about more: the location being pretty or there being lots to do there? Ask yourself questions like this and pick a location that you really love what it has to offer.

What Consider When Choosing a University


Cost of Living 

Your dream may be to study in a major city like London, but other cities in the UK can be much cheaper. Nevertheless, it also offers a great study abroad experience. Edinburgh, for example, is a popular alternative to London, with much more affordable living costs. Choose a university somewhere you love, but be realistic about living costs and what you can actually afford. There is no point struggling throughout your university years by living in expensive cities in the world. If you budget well, you may be able to make even the most expensive place work. However, just ensure you have a plan and an accurate idea of costs.

What Consider When Choosing a University


The Native Language

This ties into thinking about the place you want to study in. Nevertheless, if you want to learn more of a language, studying abroad is a great way to achieve this. By needing to speak in the foreign language and hearing natives speak it, you will pick it up faster than learning it in your home country. Alternatively, if you cannot speak any other languages, you can still study abroad but should look to places that speak the same language. For example, from the UK you could study in the USA, Canada or Australia. There are opportunities for everyone. Whether you are learning a language or not. However, you should consider whether learning a language is a priority for you during your time abroad.

What Consider When Choosing a University


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