It all seemed so far away and unreal when you were applying to your university course, but now the moment to move away is finally here and you can’t quite believe that it’s actually, finally happening!


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A ‘fresh start’ is, for many of us, both an exciting and terrifying prospect. Here’s a quick summary of what to expect from your first week on campus:

“Freshers’ week” is a term used in British English for the introductory week before university courses officially start. It is a welcome week for new students (or ‘freshers’) and is designed to help you begin your fresh start in a new place on a new course.

There will be official events and activities organised by the university to help you settle in on campus.

This welcome week gives you the opportunity to finish off any necessary paperwork, find your way around and make friends before semester officially starts. You will also be issued your student card which will give you access to university buildings and services, so be sure to check your emails so you know where and when to pick this up.

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Most colleges in the university also have an induction day or multiple induction days that you are required to attend. You will have the chance to meet your lecturers or tutors who will give you a brief outline of what your course entails, how lessons will be structured and what the examination procedure will be like (i.e weekly mini-assessments and an exam at the end of semester.)

The university and student unions also organise activities designed to ease you into the social aspects of your new academic life. You will have the opportunity to join different clubs and societies at your university’s “Freshers’ Fair.”  Whether you are already a keen tennis player and want to join the university’s tennis team, or you fancy trying something completely new like, joining the knitting society- this is the time to do it!

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When you arrive at your student accommodation, your first point of contact will probably be the Freshers’ Reps who are there to help you move in and answer any questions you may have. These are 2nd or 3rd year students whose job it is to make sure you are having a great time and to accompany you to the evening events organised by the student unions.

The Freshers’ week evening events and parties are definitely not something to be missed and will give you the chance to meet people on your course and get a taste for the student nightlife in your university city. Most UK universities also have at least one performance from a popular music artist or band, so be sure to check the program!

Memories from Freshers’ week will stay with you long after your university experience has ended, so make the most of every opportunity presented to you. You only get one chance to make a first impression!

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There are always great ‘freebies’ on offer during Freshers’ week so keep an eye out for the free pens and free pizza!

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