To start with, while selecting a study abroad destination students always have to check rankings on the university (for more information press here). In addition, @HelloUni and @UCAS are providing even more suggestions which could help you to choose the right university.


Go to open days in the Universities

Majority of UK Universities are organizing open days. Here all future students can experience university life, see the campus, speak to tutors and even participate in courses. We understand that it can be too expensive to come to the UK just to check the University. However, open days are usually held during the same period (start of the spring). Therefore, abroad students usually try to plan and schedule their visit to universities open days in one trip. For example, visit all open days in one week.


UK University open day abroad students

Abroad students in the UK University’s open days



Do detailed research on each subject

After you checked the ranking of the subject, make sure to go university’s website. Here, students are always able to find the course outline of the subject. By carefully reading the full description of the subject, you will know what to expect from the course. Moreover, you will be able to see what type of lectures University is offering. Students who are doing this can have a better understanding if a subject really interests them and if it is worth the tuition fees (press here for more information about tuition fees in the UK).


abroad student UK university

A student doing research about University


Contact students from your selected Universities

Here is what @HelloUni is for! Click on our website and we will help you to get connected with other students from all around the world. Through our services, you will be able to find out an honest student review about the University. Nevertheless, here students can share their experience, personal tips as well as inspire others.

Want to go to Oxford or Cambridge Universities? Check our partner Oxfizz which will provide you with necessary information!