We received so many questions from students asking if there are any free education and cheap studying abroad destinations. And the answer is YES! By finding a tuition-free university and following tips for cheap studying abroad, students can get new experiences at no charge. Comparing ranking of the universities and prices for studying, Europe stands as the top destination for studies. Here, students can find plenty low-cost university programs and even get a free education. Therefore, Hellouni and TopUniversities present you cheapest places to study abroad.


cheapest places for studying abroad and free education




Nordic countries have free education


  • Finland

For EU/ EEA citizens, education in Finland is tuition-free. However, if you are a student from outside EU/EEA, note that different conditions and fees will apply to you. For abroad students (outside EU) who want to get a degree in Finland taught in English, studies will cost a minimum of 1,500 euros a year. According to MastersPortal, average tuition fees in Finland may range from 10,000 to 25,000 euros a year.

Note: if you are international students from outside EU/EEA and want to study a course in Finland taught in Finnish, you will not pay any tuition fees!

cheapest places for studying abroad and free education


  • Sweden

Similarly to Finland, education in Sweden is free for EU/EEA citizens. Moreover, same terms apply to students from outside EU, which mean they have to pay tuition fees. However, Sweden is offering studies for a bit cheaper price. Here, average tuition fees for abroad students range from 8,000 to 14,000 euros for a full study year.

cheapest places for studying abroad and free education


  • Norway

If you are a student that lives outside EU but wants to study in Nordic countries, Norway might be the best decision for you! It is because here education is free for all students.

Note: all students must pay semester administration fee which varies from 30 to 65 euros. MastersPortal states that this amount of money will cover health services and sports/cultural activities.

Nevertheless, in Norway, most courses are taught in Norwegian, therefore it might be hard to find a suitable course in English.

cheapest places for studying abroad and free education



Germany has free education

Students from all around the world are benefiting from completely free education in Germany! TopUniversities claims that universities in Germany are only charging a small administrative fee which ranges from 150 to 250 euros a year. This charge will cover student’s expenses for bus tickets to the university, student cafes, and more.

Note: According to MastersPortal, if a student is planning to study in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, they have to pay tuition. It will be approximately 1,500 euros per semester.


cheapest places for studying abroad and free education





France has free education (almost)

Comparing UK’s tuition fee for studies which is £9,000 (10,160 euros), French universities are only charging €184 per year! Most importantly, the same fee applies to both home (EU) and international students. Moreover, according to TopUniversities, Paris was ranked as the second best student city in the world!

cheapest places for studying abroad and free education




As you can see from now, studying abroad can be cheaper than you think! You just need to know where to look. It can even be free if you will find yourself a suitable tuition-free university and make sure that either scholarship or part-time job will cover the rest of your expenses.

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cheapest places for studying abroad and free education