How to choose a university that will be perfect for you?

How to choose a university that will be perfect for you?

Every single day students are browsing for information on how to choose a university. Some people decide to use agencies, some just use Google as the main source of information. However, Hellouni opens a completely new opportunity that will help students to choose a university!


Do not trust agencies

It might be shocking to you, however, the truth is that education-support agencies nowadays is just another marketing tool that most universities use. This means that in order to receive more money from students tuition, some universities pay agencies to promote their study programmes. For example, if a student comes to an agent and asks for recommendations about two different study programmes, it might be that agent will promote the same university. Moreover, sometimes this promoted university might not even have a programme that is suitable for you. Then, the agent can try to switch your studying preferences and make you choose a different programme, which the promoted university has.

how to choose a university



Google is a good option but not the best

As you may know, Google has an answer to probably everything. Students can easily search for university rankings and also look what is happening in university. Everyone can find university’s website with every study programme description as well as find out what professors work in the university. You can also google what is happening around, what shops, restaurants, and gyms are in the city that university is placed. However, this is just a general information and no one can actually support you and recommend you the best option.

how to choose a university



Connect to real people who actually went to a particular university and have real experience

What can actually be better than that? Receiving real and not-promoted information as well as advice and tips is absolutely great. However, how can you find those students or alumnus who went to specific university? Well, we can say that you are just in the right place! Based on this question we created Hellouni student community, which in other words is digital peer-to-peer communication platform.


If you are a current/graduate student or alumnus, you can register as an ambassador. Nevertheless, if you are a future student looking for high-quality help, register yourself as a user. Every member of our exclusive community is 100% verified and is always ready to help.

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Join us now before it is too late! Hellouni now announced first 50 free registration spots, therefore spot in our community is high-valued and strictly limited! Right now we have ambassadors/peers who are currently studying at the following top UK universities. Our list includes: University College of London, London Art University, University of Sussex, University of Glasgow, University of Hertfordshire, University of Sheffield, University of Stirling, University of the West of Scotland, University of Oxford, University of Southampton

The students cover the following subjects: Computer Science, Big Data, Engineering, Economics, Maths, Banking and Finance, Fashion Management, Marketing and Business, IT and Business, Literature and Languages, Pure Art, Accounting and Psychology.
The level of studies – from A-level, foundation, language school, exchange, undergraduate, postgraduate, post-doc and fellowship

Student experience at the University of Glasgow

Student experience at the University of Glasgow

I’m Kirsten and I study French & German at the University of Glasgow. I am currently in my 5th year and will be graduating in June 2018. 

Here’s what you need to know about my degree at the University of Glasgow:


About University of Glasgow

Founded in 1451, University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English speaking world. It is currently a member of an international network of research universities ( Universitas 21) and the Russell Group.  Many influential figures have studied or worked at the University of Glasgow including three British Prime Ministers, the pioneer of television John Logie Baird, and more recently actor Gerard Butler and singer Emeli Sandé.

The university boasts world-class sporting facilities and one of the best libraries in Europe. Moreover, it offers a diverse range of subject disciplines offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  The University encourages its students to think of themselves as “World Changers” and offers bursaries and scholarships to support students financially along the way.

The university is situated in the fashionable West End of Glasgow. It is just a stone’s throw away from the city center. The West End is home to numerous cafés, pubs, music venues, and vintage shops. It is widely regarded as a sort of ‘hipster paradise.


National Geographic Traveller voted Glasgow the “coolest city in the UK”. It could be due in part to the impressive selection of music events across a range of genres on show throughout the year. Nevertheless, its reputation for the best shopping outside of London and its lively inhabitants. Glasgow was also voted the friendliest city in the world by readers of Rough guides and Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

University of Glasgow


French & German

I made the decision to do a joint honors degree combining French and German but it is possible to study either as a single honors subject. This will not have any impact on the length of time your degree takes to complete, as five years is the standard duration of an MA languages degree at the University of Glasgow.



1st Year

In the first year, the course is structured as a split between language and culture. In the language modules, you will attend written and spoken classes. You can expect weekly translations, grammar homework, and preparation for spoken classes. In the culture modules, you will cover topics such as literature, history, and cinema to introduce you to key aspects of the culture

 University of Glasgow



2nd Year

In the second year, you will expand your linguistic skills as the translation texts and spoken language topics become more complex. You will also study key themes in the society and culture of your chosen language. In your second year, you will be preparing for your year abroad, and it is worth noting that you will have to attain a certain language grade in order to go abroad in your 3rd Year.




3rd Year (Study Abroad)

This year will be spent in the country, or one of the countries, where your chosen language is spoken. Most students either spend this time working for the British council or studying in an Erasmus program at one of University of Glasgow’s partner universities.

I went to France during my year abroad and worked as a teaching assistant in a high school in Paris.
The university expects that during your year abroad you will immerse yourself in the language and culture. You will not have any exams or coursework this year but I would advise that you still regularly check your university emails in case there is anything important that comes up.

University of Glasgow


4th Year

When you return from your year abroad you are able to choose your own culture modules based on your interests. There is a range of different options from literature, cinema, and history.
If you are a joint honors student, you will leave to spend at least 3 months in the country, or one of the countries, where your second language subject is spoken. Again, you can choose to do a semester at one of the partner universities or get an internship. In my case, I spent 6 months working in Germany.

It is worth noting that in this year, all your grades for your culture modules count towards your final mark.



5th Year

This is your final year and is when you write your dissertation.This is your most important year and it is markedly more stressful because this is your last chance to improve your language skills before your final exams. This is why it is very important that you make the most of your time abroad because it will make your 5th year much easier and less stressful! As one of my tutors said, “you can’t cram a language” and unlike other degree subjects, you will not be able to study just for your final exams.

University of Glasgow

Expectations Vs. Reality

University is enjoyable and I am very grateful for all the opportunities I have had over the course of my degree. However, contrary to how languages degrees are depicted by the media and the pretty photos of exotic places you see on Instagram. A languages degree is not easy and will require a lot of dedication. Perhaps so than other degrees as you will be required to live abroad for a year at least. Saying, that, I certainly do not regret choosing this degree and it was definitely the right choice for me.

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Also, just a heads up: your grammar textbook will be your new best friend.

University of Glasgow



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