Most international students decide to choose specific agencies in order to receive help for applying for university abroad. However, we interviewed one student currently studying at Coventry University London and it turns out that the agents were not that helpful. Therefore, we are raising the question: what are the pros and cons of working with recruitment agents?

Q1: Why have you decided to study abroad?

A1: It was because I knew that studying opportunity in my country Lithuania is very limited. Moreover, I wanted to gain global experience while studying abroad.


Q2: How did you decide to choose the UK? Why not USA, Canada, New Zealand etc.

A2: Firstly, because I have relatives living here and secondly because the UK is one of the biggest financial centers in the world, and as I am studying Finance I thought it would be a good idea.


Q3: What were the preparation steps?

A3: First of all, I needed to find a university and programme that I wanted to study. Secondly, I  sorted out payments for university (apply for student finance). Thirdly, I found accommodation and a part-time job. Last but not least I booked flight tickets and took IELTS Exam.


Q4: Why did you choose Coventry?

A4: To be honest, Coventry university was not on my list in the first place. However, as I was submitting my application with my agent, he convinced me to choose Coventry London as one of my options. It was because it was a safe option for me and I was guaranteed that university will accept me. The first offer I received was from Coventry London who did not require any further exams. Basically, they gave me an unconditional offer and a scholarship of £1,500 for a first year.

What are the pros and cons of working with recruitment agents?

What are the pros and cons of working with recruitment agents?

Q5: What subject did you choose and why?

A5: I have chosen international finances and accounting. It was because I was always passionate about financial market and maths. Moreover, the subjects included in the course seemed to suit my interest.

What are the pros and cons of working with recruitment agents?


Q6: Who helped you with studying abroad experience?

A6: I decided to choose agency from Lithuania as they were widely advertising and promoting their services in many high schools.


Q7: What was it like to be working with Agent? How did they help you?

A7: I would say that overall experience was very brief. Mostly, my agent helped with submitting the application through UCAS, helped to fill out the student finance request form. However, through every discussion session, I felt that agent is trying to convince me really hard to choose specific universities that were not on my list. In addition, as I told them that I will only study in London, they kept suggesting Coventry University London.


Q8: What’re the benefits of using agents?

A8: I would say that agencies are making the whole application process easier. My agent completed my application without me and I just needed to send him the right documents. Also, they helped to fill out student finance papers and that consultation was free, which was great. I do believe that without them helping me, I would definitely put something wrong in my application papers.


Q9: What was not good about agents?

A9: I was facing constant persuasion while dealing with my agent. Also, they could not provide me with deeper information about other universities that were on my list. And it was because no one from their office has visited any of these universities or had connections there. In addition, as my agent was applying through UCAS for me, I did not receive any answer from 2 particular universities. Therefore it made me think that he did not even send my applications to these universities, as they were strongly promoting Coventry. Nevertheless, my agent provided me misleading information about university rankings. Agency told me that Finance subject in Coventry is in 15th place in European universities ranking chart. However, later I found out that it was on 15th place in the UK only.


Q10: Could you please give top THREE tips for anyone who wants to study in UK and Coventry?

What are the pros and cons of working with recruitment agents?


  1. Do not trust agencies, because they usually get paid for promotion. I wish that 3 years ago I had the opportunity to directly contact students from Coventry and find out real student experience and satisfaction level.
  2. I would suggest to everybody who is planning to study in the UK to really consider Scotland education as it is free. Right now, I believe that education that I have gained from London’s university is definitely not worth £9,000 per year which makes it almost £30,000 in total. My subject quality did not match the price for sure.
  3. Do not expect that UK education would be easy. During my first 2 years, I did not have a part-time job as I was overloaded with university assignments.




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