Hey, world! Happy Monday 😊

We are the hellouni team and we are based in London, UK! We are a team of young entrepreneurs. Our vision is to build the next generation of student platform with blockchain technology!

hellouni team has recently been experimenting with developing a decentralised and incentivised platform for students, especially for the internationally mobile students. The goal is to streamline all info, peer reviews and connection with real people within hellouni platform with tokenisation incentives. The platform will make the student experience more rewarding and productive. As former international students ourselves, the team has the domain experience and knowledge of international study and recruitment.

We started working with Steem and steemit just over than 2 months ago and so far we are loving it

cryptocurrency show London 2018

cryptocurrency show London 2018

It is always more interesting is to meet follow steemian and talk about how they use steem and steemit and all the exciting ventures they are working on! We had the opportunity to attend the Crypocurrency Show London last Saturday, and our founder Olivia has met so many enthusiastic steemian @stephenkendal from steempromo, guys from @utopian @wehmoen and @techslut, @howo founders of @steempress, @Mrs.Steemit and @morodiene, and some local folks@cyrpo-curator @simonjay and London steemit ambassador @allayyummyfood and @sarah Louise and exchanged experiences of working with steemit!


Meeting other steemians

Olivia with Dan from @utopian

Olivia with Dan from @utopian

Olivia and other steemians

The meetup was very encouraging as we can see that Steemit has a lot of supports and people are actually using for content creations, building ventures – all these backed up the value of the Steem blockchain as the power of its real life business case.

We are very pretty to Steemit but already impressed with its power, check out our channel as we are building the contents up and will publish more on our platform!  https://steemit.com/@hellouni