Coming to Europe from abroad to study might be really expensive. However, traveling from one Europian country to another is cheaper than you think! You just need to follow a couple of tips of how to travel in Europe on a budget as an international student.



Traveling by plane is usually the cheapest option (which is hard to believe)

But that is true! Flight prices from London to Italy are starting from £20, and flying to Denmark can cost you £10. Taking a train to get from one country to another is not a really popular option in Europe. It takes lots of time and it is usually expensive, Therefore, another alternative for cheap travel is a bus. However, it takes a lot of time as well. Moreover, from my personal experience, I know how annoying it could be when your bus gets stuck in the traffic. It might not be moving from one place for around couple hours…

In order to find the best prices and deals for plane tickets, I highly recommend Skyscanner app. Here you can compare prices for specific destination among all airline companies. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a specific date in mind, always check prices chart. It will show which days of the month flight tickets are the cheapest.

How to travel in Europe on a budget as an international student?


Do not rent a car if you are traveling alone or with a couple friends

Car rental deal might be really eye-catching. However, there are so many fees that are hidden behind the special price. For example, one time I planned my trip to Spain and as I was booking my flight tickets, an ad popped out. It showed best car rental deal which included a car for £20 a day. I booked the car and as soon as I landed to Spain, I had a big disappointment. Apparently, this car deal was only available if you are taking a car before 8 am. Moreover, special price did not include expensive insurance which everyone must buy as well as fuel and administration fee. With all the fees in total, car rental for a day was around £80-£90 pounds, which was way too much for me and my friend.

How to travel in Europe on a budget as an international student?


Always find out how locals live in that country

Every country in Europe is promoting tourist package deals. However, it is usually a case where buying a normal day pass is cheaper. For example, if you are coming to London, tourists here are buying travelcards for about £12 pounds a day. What they don’t know is that if you are topping up your Oyster card it freezes after you spend £6,80. Which means that after you take 2 single rides on the underground, the rest of your travel for the day will be free.

In addition, besides travel expenses, you might spend a lot for eating out. Therefore, you might consider booking an Airbnb which usually has a kitchen in the apartment, This means you will able to cook yourself a small breakfast for a small price, as well as dinner.

How to travel in Europe on a budget as an international student?


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