It is almost 3 months now as I am an intern in Hellouni start-up. However, the knowledge and experience that I have gained in here are way beyond that. Therefore, now I’ll tell what is like to be an intern at Hellouni!


Hellouni’s idea is really close to me

As you may know, Hellouni team is building a next-generation platform for international students. Since I have been an international student for the last 3 years, I found this idea really familiar. This platform lets me share my experience and tips of what is like to leave your home for studying abroad experience.


Learning about a start-up company

It is my first time working on a start-up project. Thus, here I am learning not just about marketing and content creation, but also about how to start a new business. During my internship, I am seeing all the challenges and difficulties that new company is facing. Moreover, I am also keeping track of all the improvements that need to be made according to users feedback.


Knowledge of various technologies

Before I became an intern at Hellouni, I had no clue what AI or blockchain was. However, by coming here every day, I broaden my horizon really widely. Thus, now I know how various technologies are helping businesses as well as user’s experience. In particular, I became highly interested in blockchain technology, therefore for the last few months, I am participating in various tech event in London.


Overall, this internship is helping me to get a better understanding of business and its tools. I am learning so many things that I never thought I will. Therefore, I am really glad to be an intern of Hellouni!