When applying to study in the UK, lots of options might come to mind. However, why not choose a university in Scotland?


Why Scotland?

Here at Scotland, we have the most dramatic landscape. Scotland has one of the biggest underground indie music scenes, giving rise to such famous bands as the Travis, Vaselines, the Delgados etc. It also has the breath-taking sight of a hundred male pipers skirling in the uplifting union every August. Most importantly, four of the six oldest universities in the English speaking world are in Scotland. It is the University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh, University of St Andrews and the University of Aberdeen.

university in Scotland


The University of Edinburgh

Students all over the world would like to start their magical adventure in the University of Edinburgh since J. K. Rowling selected Scotland as the home of Hogwarts. Apart from its mysterious stories, the University of Edinburgh is a prestigious university with an outstanding reputation. It is well-known in the areas of Media, Computer Science, and Medicine. It ranks 17th in the 2014-15 QS rankings. Moreover, it has been one of the top ten universities in the UK. The University of Edinburgh is also one of the most diverse universities in the UK, with students from over 140 countries. For more information, please refer to (University of Edinburgh)

Why not choose university in Scotland?


The University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow also has high education standards in engineering, psychology and the humanities. It is one of the top ten universities in the UK and ranks as 51st by QS ranking in 2014-15. In addition], the University of Glasgow is one of the most popular international universities, with up to 91% student satisfaction (Student Barometer 2014). Located in the UK’s 3rd largest city, University of Glasgow is considered to be the perfect place for a splendid university life (University of Glasgow).

Why not choose university in Scotland?


The University of St Andrews

For those who are seeking a romantic relationship, only University of St Andrews can provide them a prince. ‘Though William is already out of the market, we would settle for Harry’ (from Buzzfeed.com). Located in the small coastal town, University of St Andrews has a beautiful, fairy-tale landscape for gold-lovers. It also owns one of the best National league table teams in the UK. The university is notably diverse with over 45% international students from more than 100 countries. Finally, University of St Andrews has the highest ranking in the area of Physics and Astronomy (1st by The Guardian), [and one of the highest rankings in] Arts and Humanities (top 20 by The Times). (University of St Andrews)


The University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen has welcomed students from over 120 countries since 1495. It is located in the 3rd biggest city in Scotland and is voted as Scotland’s safest university by Complete University Guide. Ranking 178th university in the world by The Times, University of Aberdeen attracts more than 4000 students annually for its strengths in Biology, social science and law. (University of Aberdeen)

Why not choose university in Scotland?

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