University: they say it’s the best time of your life. You’ll meet new friends and learn new skills. Most importantly it’s a chance to spread your wings and gain some independence. Perhaps that’s why so many students are traveling from their home country to study in the UK.


1. Be the best!

A degree from a top university can set you apart from the pack when looking for jobs. The UK has four of the top ten ranked universities in the world. British universities are also respected for research – producing around 15% of the world’s most frequently cited papers.

Studying in the UK should be a real no-brainer.


2. Improve your English

Studying in the UK is an amazing opportunity to improve your English language skills. A quarter of the world’s population speak English so improving language skills is key for careers in business, finance and a whole range of other subjects.

Not only that, but learning English will be a great help when traveling in other countries – the odds are that someone there will speak it too!


3. Working 9 to 5

International students are usually allowed up to 20 hours paid work a week during term time. Just enough to fund that well-deserved night out!


4. The culture

Let’s face it; even the most dedicated student won’t work 24/7. Luckily the UK has a rich cultural heritage for students to explore. London is a must-do, the home of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Sherlock Holmes.

HelloUni Top tip: get yourself a student card and see what deals and discounts you can get.


5. The food is actually pretty awesome

If we’re honest, we think this is a major reason you need to come to study in the UK. No British student experience is complete without a Sunday roast with your housemates or a trip to the beach for some fish and chips. Mmmm.


6. Odd British customs

Travel is all about embracing the weird and wonderful traditions of the country you’re in. Luckily the UK has a range of odd customs like dancing around the maypole, burning a pretend man on a bonfire on November 5th and rolling cheese down a hill (honestly, this is true).

Yes, we’re a nation of oddballs, and we love it. We know we mentioned food before, but the number one British tradition you must try is Afternoon Tea. Anyone for a scone?

8. Four countries for the price of one

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own unique culture and customs. Traveling between the four is simple to check out the beauty of Northern Ireland, play the bagpipes in Scotland and experience a rugby match in Wales.


9. Shorter courses

UK university courses are generally shorter than those in other countries. You’ll get your degree from a high-ranking university in less time, meaning less money spent on rent, tuition and living costs. What’s not to like?


10. A warm welcome

The UK has always been welcoming of students from abroad. In London over a quarter of the student population are international. This means support is in place: meaning help with accommodation or simply suggestions on things to do. So don’t stress – we’ve got this.


Moreover, if you want to ask more questions about studying abroad, do not hesitate and join Hellouni community! Register on our website and get in contact with ambassadors from various universities around the world.

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