Sometimes it’s hard to decide between the ease of studying while living at home vs the freedom of studying somewhere else. As a person who has studied both at home (in Glasgow) and away (in London), I’m here to tell you a few of the pros and cons of each.




Home – It goes without saying a home cooked food is amazing! Being at home means you can spend more time on other stuff like studying and going out rather than having to worry about food shopping and cooking.

Away – On the other side, living away from home means you get to decide to eat what you want when you want. You can also improve your cooking skills and have a lot of fun discovering new favorite recipes.

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away



Home – “Where are you going?” “What time are you back?” “You need to be up tomorrow for lectures”. Sometimes living at home means question time every time you even mention that you’re thinking of going out. A morning-after cup of tea in bed can make up for this though!

Away – Living away from home = flat parties. After a while, however, the novelty will wear off and you will get sick of the cleaning up. The flat always looks messier the morning after!

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away



Home – You really do take for granted everything that is done for you before you move out. You might moan about having to clean your room/hoover every so often but as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone”.

Away – Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom…The number of rooms that you have to clean significantly increases and as does your time spent on cleaning. This can seem like quite a task, but cleaning with the help of a flatmate can be fun and you can have a flat you can be proud of showing your parents/friends when they come to visit!

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away



Home – At home, you have an extra alarm clock in the form of a parent. If you say you’re going to get up for that lecture, there is no hope of you changing your mind and sleeping in instead.

Away – How did you accidentally turn off the alarm again?! Relying only on yourself to get up for morning lectures, get places on time and leaving enough time in the day for chores and cooking can be a bit of an adjustment.

Studying While Living at Home vs Living Away


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