There are the worries that everyone has about studying abroad. For example:  Will I make friends? Will I fit in? How much will I miss home? But perhaps the biggest question of all is ‘will I make the most of the experience?’ While everyone will have a different study abroad adventure, there are a few tips that can help you. They will ensure you have no doubts that you took the opportunity of a lifetime and made it one of the best times of your life. Therefore, here is how Hellouni suggests you to make the most of studying abroad.


Document It

There is something to be said for living in the moment, and you should as much as possible. However, when you look back in a few years, you will want something to remember your experience. Think of when you go on holiday. You remember the overall trip but you probably forget a lot of exactly what you did each day. For this reason, you may want to keep a journal while you are abroad, or start a blog. There are study abroad blogs that you may be able to write for. Nevertheless, you could even make a bit of money in the process. If you like making videos, then you could even create vlogs. Pictures are important too! Therefore, why not invest in a Polaroid camera and take photos of the cities you have been to and hang them on your wall? Whatever you choose, make sure you have some record of your adventures. We know that your future self will thank you.

How to make the most of studying abroad


Don’t be Afraid to go Places Alone

You likely do not know anyone when you first arrive at your university. However, most people will be in the same situation. Therefore, do not be put off going to events because you will be going alone. Just go for it, be friendly and open to chat. That is how you will make friends in no time. If you want to travel to a city in the country you have moved to or nearby but do not have anyone to go with, go alone. There is no point waiting for others if you really want to go. Besides, traveling alone can be the best way to fully experience and take in a new place.

How to make the most of studying abroad


Make a Bucket List

You probably have some goals in mind for your time abroad: places you want to visit, and things you want to do. Rather than getting caught up in university life when you get there and forgetting about them, make a list of everything you want to do before you leave. Alongside this, make sure you research how to go about achieving your goals. In addition, how much it will cost, and budget for them. Check out each one when you go.  That is how you can really make the most of your time living abroad.

How to make the most of studying abroad


Immerse Yourself in the Culture

It’s easy to try to stick to what you know in a foreign country. For example, you may pick food that is similar to what you eat at home or frequent well-known global chains. However, when you go back home you can have this food whenever you want. It is best to try new things that you cannot get at home. Instead of having your usual Starbucks, why not try a local coffee shop. You could also get involved in local events. By living like a local you will feel more like a resident in the country rather than a visitor or tourist.

How to make the most of studying abroad


Take an Outside Class 

While in a new country it can be a good idea to try a new course. If possible, try picking something out with your field of study. It is just because it interests you. You could take a theatre class, or art, or politics. Better still, choose a class that you could not go back home. While the American health care system or politics may not be relevant to your future career, you might not get the chance to learn about it in your own country. Learn something about the country you are studying in or try something you never thought to take. This will give you more well-rounded knowledge and experience.

How to make the most of studying abroad



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