We know that choosing a university is a very big decision for abroad students . You need to think about the type of university course you can study, the culture, the language, the funding and many other things.

But don’t worry, @HelloUni is here to help you!

While there are 4.1 million international students worldwide, @Oxfizz states that the United Kingdom is a top study destination for studying abroad. More than 400,000 international students are coming here every year. Therefore, below we will provide the main things you need to consider before leaving to study abroad in the UK.

Trafalgar Square in London, United Kingdom



How to choose a university in the UK?

The United Kingdom is offering more than 140 different universities. Therefore, for students, it might be quite challenging to decide which University is best for them and their future career. However, it is important to note that most of the international students are making a mistake when they decide to choose University only by checking overall UK University rankings. @HelloUni is always suggesting students compare individual subject rankings. It is because in the UK there are some examples where University itself is ranked in the top 10, however, e.g. in subject rankings, International Business course is only on 50th place compared to other UK business schools.

@HelloUni suggests these websites, where you can find each subject ranking:

Cambridge University in the United Kingdom

Learn more about how to choose a university in the UK by clicking here.


The application process for studying in the UK

Comparing to other countries, students are enrolling in UK universities quite easily. All of them need to prepare applications through the @UCAS system by following 5 steps:

  • Completing registration: you will need to register your details to UCAS system
  • Selecting a course
  • Selecting a University: UCAS is letting you choose 5 different universities.
  • Completing the application form: if you do not want to select 5 different Universities, there is an option to choose 5 courses from the same university.
  • Sending and waiting for replies: if your personal statement and grade record satisfied university, they will send you a letter back with an offer that you need to match. Offers can include required exam percentage or overall grade that you need to get from your school.

Note: @HelloUni is warning that after receiving all offers, students can only choose 2 Universities. You will have to pick one university as your favorite and it will be named as ‘the first option’. This means that if you fulfill the requirements of ‘the first option’ you will be automatically enrolled in this University and therefore, ‘second option’ University will not be available for you anymore.

For more information about @UCAS application process, click here



Tuition fees and scholarship for studying in the UK

Despite all the benefits of studying abroad in the UK, @HelloUni is notifying you that studies here are expensive. According to @UCAS, tuition fees for abroad students are varying from £10,000 to £30,000 a year (£9,000 a year for UK and EU students). Moreover, students that are not from UK or EU are not eligible for loans and grants.

Therefore, you have to calculate all possible studying abroad expenses and check your finances carefully. Otherwise, abroad students can apply for scholarships as well as get a part-time job.

Learn more about scholarships, living costs, jobs and saving tips by clicking here




 British Culture

@TheCompleteUniversityGuides states that British people are always polite and have a strong belief in justice, law, and order. Also, for international students, it can be difficult to understand the humor of Britain citizens. Moreover, people in the UK are extremely punctual, therefore the student who is late to lectures might get into serious trouble.

For these cultural differences, @HelloUni is providing a short list of what NOT TO DO in the United Kingdom. You can find it by clicking here.



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