The university experience is never limited to your academic degree only. Students here are learning more than how to cook pasta and survive on limited funds!




1. All-nighters do not equal hard work

How many people have you met that actually do their best work minutes before the deadline? It’s unlikely to be a very high number. At some point, you will learn that time management is more than a skill you add to your LinkedIn profile to make you seem more professional. 


Things You Will Learn Alongside Your Academic Degree



2. Working in a group is tough

Whether you like working in a team or prefer to be a lone wolf, there’s little disagreement that working with other people can be hard. This is especially evident in academic degree such as marketing because people’s personalities and learning preferences differ a lot. Learning how to be a useful team member and when to take the responsibility as a leader will change your perspective on teamwork for the better!


Things You Will Learn Alongside Your Academic Degree



3. Deadlines can be useful

I know, what’s that about? The thing about deadlines is that you probably have several of them piled up all within one week or even a day. Use the dates to plan out your coursework or exam prep in advance, instead of waiting around for months just to feel the crushing weight of deadlines approaching. We’ve all been there.



4. Asking for help is okay

At some point, all of us have experienced what it’s like to listen to a teacher/lecturer but not really hear anything. Sometimes it’s inevitable. What you will come to realize is that it’s okay to reach out to your lecturers, teachers, and tutors and ask for clarification on your coursework or other important things. The student has to understand that he/she is not the only one confused and the university wants you to succeed!



Things You Will Learn Alongside Your Academic Degree



5. Suggested reading lists are excellent

Most students underrate suggested reading links Don’t know where to look for material for your research? Or perhaps you want to explore that one theory your lecturer quickly mentioned in their presentation? Library of your University contains thousands of books and articles so having a look at a suggested reading list is going to save you a lot of valuable time!


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